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Building Information Modeling (BIM)

Accessing data for other stages of the building lifecycle

Information models of buildings created in Renga Structure can interact with other systems, such as for structural analysis and estimates. The model data can be employed at the following stages of a building’s lifecycle:

Exchanging Data

Design data imported and exported into multiple formats

Renga saves 3D models and 2D data in .ifc and .dxf formats at any stage of work. Data from BOMs and table elements are saved in .csv format. Models are communicated with KOMPASS-3D and MinD technology through .c3d format.

The most important job comes at the end of the design process, where drawings (layouts) are generated for use by construction crews.

All you have to do for layouts is to place created views (levels, facades, cuts) at the required scale in a drawing. Views arranged in drawings are projections, automatically obtained from the 3D model associated with the project. Any modification to the model instantly changes the geometry in the layout.

Drawing mode is a full-scale graphic editor that lets you add required graphic primitives to drawings manually, such as line sections, arcs, hatches, fills, elevation marks, and dimensions. The crucial aspect to this mode is that projections are laid out in compliance with SPDS, or other standards if you work with international customers.

A System for Structurally Designing Buildings and Facilities

Renga Structure is tool for designers to develop information models of buildings, and to issue drawings that meet the requirements of the KR/KZh/KZhI/KM/AS standard.

The system is purpose-built for architectural and construction designers using BIM technology. In the course of building information modeling, designers easily add the data necessary for reinforced concrete elements and steel structures. This reduces the time needed to design structures, generate drawings to KR/KZh/KZhI/KM/AS standards, and exchange data with other project engineers and architects. The high productivity of Renga Structure permits designers to work with 3D models of big projects with no loss of quality.